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IMMC Field Study

2024-2-17 (Sat)


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Teachers Workshop



Past Events


IMMC-QEF Field Study  ( Sep 2023)

Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab


Improving Teaching

Teaching Method, Experience Sharing & Training in Mathematical Modeling for Teachers.


Prepare for the New Era

Mathematical Methods, Modeling Examples, Hands-on Exercise,Discussion and Building in cooperation skill. 


Learning from Visiting

Visiting Top

Technological Company or Scientific Research Institutes to understand how Mathematical Modeling help their work.

A CONTEST in mathematical modeling for all secondary school students. 

A PLATFORM to experience the power of mathematics to better understand, analyze and solve real world problems.

A COMMUNITY for students and teachers to unleash their potential in mathematical modeling and innovation.

We aim to promote the STEM education through learning and teaching mathematical modelling and its applications for secondary schools.

“They’ll be equipped to create whole new ways of solving the issues our world faces now, and in the future.”

"Integrating mathematical modeling into mathematics education is an effective strategy to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics, as well as STEM education in Hong Kong"

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