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About Us

Mathematical Modelling Education Programme is a unique educational initiative created by the IMMC Committee (Zhonghua) and funded by the Quality Education Fund (QEF).

QEF Project number: 2016/ 0137

International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IMMC or styled as IM2C) Committee (Zhonghua) is a non-profit and charitable institution incorporated in Hong Kong SAR​.

IM2C is an inclusive and sharing community International Mathematical Modeling Challenge, established in 2014 in Boston, is an innovative mathematical contest in modeling for secondary school students all over the world, whose co-founders and co-sponsors are the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) and NeoUnion ESC Organization (NeoUnion).


The aim of IM2C is to promote mathematical modeling education and enhance students’ core competences in mathematics, encouraging participants to explore the application of mathematical modeling in real life situations to solve problems of importance. 

The adjudication, team selection, and recognition for IM2C in the Region of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau are authorized exclusively to International Mathematical Modeling Challenge Committee (Zhonghua), a non-profit organization with charity institution code 91/14657 approved by Hong Kong SAR.


IM2C in this Region is an inclusive and sharing platform for secondary schools to practice mathematical modeling in promotion of teaching and learning in STEM at both local and international level by a student-centered approach. 

The official website for IM2C is and

The Quality Education Fund (QEF) is established to fund worthwhile initiatives on a pilot basis and one-off projects that are non-profit-making, aiming to raise the quality of school education, and to promote quality school education at all levels, i.e. kindergarten, primary, secondary and special education.

Vision of the QEF
The QEF encourages projects that support innovation and/or new development, enrichment of students’ learning experiences, and school-based initiatives that would suit the specific needs of students, teachers and contexts of individual schools as well as the school sector in accordance with education policies. The funded QEF projects are expected to promote quality teaching and learning in the above context with a view to enabling students to attain all-round development and develop positive values and attitudes as well as enhancing the professional capacity of schools and teachers.

With the experiences in education in Hong Kong since the QEF’s establishment, innovation and/or new development would cover new ideas or practices (including enhancement and/or adaptation) which serve to supplement and/or complement the existing practices that would facilitate the development of schools to address the needs specific to their own contexts. This also covers projects which could build on and further expand the new ideas or practices that have been generated from projects previously funded by the QEF.

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