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Visits and Field Study


We offer students and teachers opportunities to experience mathematical modelling and its applications in different real contexts through the planned visits to companies like ASTRI, UBTECH, HUAWEI, and Bank of China International, etc..

Local and International Communications

To enhance Hong Kong students’ local and international competitiveness, we provide them with opportunities to communicate with their peers from other countries and regions, including the Greater China, through exchanges and competitions of IMMC. Particularly, we will also offer participants opportunities to experience mathematical modeling and its application in different real contexts through the planned visits to companies like ASTRI, Kuang-Chi, UBTECH, HUAWEI, and Bank of China International, etc..

​In the long run, close collaboration networks will be built among secondary schools, tertiary institutes, hi-tech business sectors, local international schools ans us. The schools whose students and teachers implement mathematical modeling successfully in teaching and learning will be selected as exemplars to demonstrate their practices locally and internationally through various local and international exchanges and competitions.

2020 - 2021|3rd Year Field Study

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