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Project Background

To encourage the application of mathematics in real problems.

Workshops is a part for teachers and students to have a basic knowledge and skills in

mathematical modeling. Contest is another part for them to apply what they have learnt.

Mathematical Modeling

We believe deep learning occurs by going beyond the syntax of Mathematics and relating it to the world around the students. One of the objectives of the project is not to simply teach them skills but get them to understand, analyze and solve real world problems.

This is why we encourage and foster collaboration with other scientific, technological, engineering, industrial and educational institutions, societies and organizations, both local and overseas, for the advancement and promotion of education of mathematical modeling in Hong Kong and Greater China.

We promote education that integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through mathematical modeling in Hong Kong and Greater China, through ways including non-profit making contests, trainings, lectures, workshops, curriculum, pedagogy and textbooks. 

The continuous development and advancement of education of mathematical modeling in Hong Kong and Greater China and will help developing human resources for such purposes, such as professional development and teachers training.

Our project gradually introduces education and application of mathematical modeling generally in different walks of life.

This is a unique educational initiative supported by the Quality Education Fund and organized by the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge Committee (Zhonghua) Limited, to promoting STEM Education through Learning and Teaching Mathematical Modeling and its Application.

We are a non-profit and charitable institution incorporated in Hong Kong SAR with charity institution number 91/14657. The Committee is the exclusively authorized academic body for the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge (IMMC or IM2C), an international contest in mathematical modelling for secondary school students in the region of Greater China including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China.

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