IMMC-QEF Teachers Workshop

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling and STEM Education

   Date: 31 May 2019                                Venue: Marknoll Convent School

                                                               25 & 26 June 2019 (Extension)                  City University of Hong Kong                                                

Dr. Issic Leung (梁鉅超), 

Research Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics and Information Technology, The Education University of Hong Kong
Research Interests: 
Mathematics in business modelling, Quantitative methods in marketing analyst, Mathematics teaching and learning in a dynamic geometric enrinorment, Teachers' competence in mathematics.

Dr. Issic LEUNG from the Education University of Hong Kong held teacher workshops on mathematical modeling and STEM education in May and June.

The first part was held in the Maryknoll Convent School. Dr. Leung first introduced what mathematical modeling is, and then used the story called "Cao Chong Weighting Elephant" to introduce a hands-on experiment. Mathematical modeling.

Dr. Leung has prepared more than one experiment. The teachers learned through different experiments that they could simplify a real problem into a physical model, and then to a mathematical model.

The extension part was held at the City University of Hong Kong. Based on the previous content, Dr. Leung extended to some mathematical models that are useful in business analysis.

In addition to the basic knowledge of mathematical modeling, Dr. Liang explained how to evaluate students' mathematical modeling works, criteria and points to be noted in teaching.