IMMC-QEF Teachers Workshop

Teaching and Practicing Mathematical Modeling by Using

IMMC Problems and Solutions(Greater China & International)

Date: 28 Sep 2019         Venue: The City University of Hong Kong

Dr. Ieng Tak LEONG 梁應德 博士
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Macau

Research Interests

  • Wavelets

  • Albgebraic Geometry and Mathematical Physics

  • Image processing

On 28 Sep, we invited Dr. Ieng Tak LEONG from the Department of Mathematics of University of Macau to give a teachers workshop. The topic was "Teaching and Practicing Mathematical Modeling by Using IMMC Problems and Solutions(Greater China & International)" . The workshop aims to provide better understanding of mathematical modeling to teachers and to guide them on preparing the contest with their students. It took place in the Lau Ming Wai Building, City University of Hong Kong.

The workshop was divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Dr. Leong illustrated the role of students in the IMMC contest. Each team may consist 2-4 students, and each student takes different responsibility based on their strengths such as team leader, report writer, code builder, etc. Each team member should try their best and work with each other to complete the contest.
Later, Dr. Leong mentioned some criteria of judging IMMC papers, such as the readability, clarification of the problem(s), reasonable assumption(s), etc.
He also pointed out the importance of the summary of submission and the benefits by using flowcharts on clarification.
For the mathematical model(s), Dr. Leong said that the reliability of a model could be tested by using significant amount of data. Students should point out the pros and cons of their model.
Before the contest begins, teachers could prepare "hardware" such as books and online resources to students. Teachers could also provide regular training on mathematical methods, software and programming language to students.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Leong used Problem D - "Air Pollution" of IMMC 2019 Greater China (Winter Session) as an example to share his comments on the submission papers and contestants' performance.
During the break, Dr. Leong and participating teachers exchanged their thoughts, ideas and experience of teaching mathematical modeling.
Finally, we thank Dr. Leong very much for his time to come to Hong Kong and give the teachers workshop. We also appreciate the venue support of College of Business, the City University of Hong Kong.