IMMC-QEF Students Workshop

Learning and Practicing Mathematical Modeling from IMMC & Real Cases

Date: 24 & 25 Aug 2018        Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Dr. YANG, Can 楊 燦

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Research Interests: 
  • Data Science with Statistical Machine Learning

  • Computer Age Statistical Inference

  • Empirical Bayes and Scalable algorithm

  • Statistical Genetics and Genomics

On 20th Oct, Dr. YANG Can from HKUST gave a student workshop to introduce the concepts and procedures of building a mathematical model.

He mentioned that setting up assumption(s) before creating a model is useful to simplify the problem. Performing sensitive analysis, finding out the strength and weakness of the model are also critical to illustrate its performance.

In the morning session, he talked about the PageRank algorithm that is used by Google for ranking websites and analysed the past IMMC international round problems.

In the afternoon session, he discussed the application of probability. He demonstrated the probability model in accessing people skill and some basic data analysis.

Why do we need to study mathematics, modeling or algorithm in schools? Teachers may have heard of this doubt from students very often. But when it comes to applications in real life, this question will be solved by itself.

On 24 & 25 Aug, Dr YANG Can from HKUST showed a group of students how to solve real life problems by using Mathematical Modelinthg, for example, which coach is the best? Dr Yang shared with us his concept “Model is a set of assumptions”, by turning the problem into a model and application of Mathematics, we could then develop a solution.