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IMMC-QEF Teachers / Students Workshop

Application of Mathematical Modeling in Social Science (Economics/Finance)

Date: 26 & 28 Sep 2018 (Students)         Venue: Queen Elizabeth School

                   25 & 26 Oct 2018 (Teachers)                      City University of Hong Kong

Dr. CHOW Yan Chi, Vinci 周恩誌
Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research Interests: 
  • Behavioral Economics

  • Experimental Economics

  • Machine Learning

Dr, Vinci Chow from CUHK who gave a students workshop and a teachers workshop with the title "Mathematical Modeling in Social Science" on 26 & 28 Sep and 25 & 26 Oct respectively. He firstly introduced the mathematical concepts which is useful in social science, such as statistics, calculus for theoretical modeling and statistics and linear algebra for statistics. He illustrated the idea of theoretical modeling with using demand curve as an example.

Later, he explained the method of calculus in finding the maximum and minimum of a function. An example was given in order to illustrate the concepts.

Dr. Chow explained "Ordinary Least Square Method", which is a method always used in handling data. Furthermore, he discussed about random matrix in the later part and related applications. 

Besides the theoretical part, Dr. Chow demonstrated clearly how the programming is helpful in realizing the mathematical models with Python. He taught from simple examples and gradually to the complicated examples.