IMMC-QEF Teachers & Students Workshop

Sharing of Teaching and Learning Experience of Mathematical Modeling

via IMMC Contest

Date: 26 Oct 2019         Venue: Pui Ching Middle School

Teacher: Mr LEE Ho Fung
Students: Luo On-Ki, Wong Tsz-Him, Yao Yuan-Yue and Yeung Man-Tsung
(IMMC 2019 Greater China Outstanding Award)

On 26 Oct, Mr LEE Ho Fung, a teacher from Pui Ching Middle School, delivered a workshop to teachers and students about the mathematical modeling education and its learning through IMMC contest. An awarded team from Pui Ching (IMMC 2019 Greater China Outstanding Award, students are Luo On-Ki, Wong Tsz-Him, Yao Yuan-Yue and Yeung Man-Tsung) also joined the workshop and shared their learning road of mathematical modeling.

Mr Lee started the workshop by raising questions and discussion such as what do they think mathematical modeling is, what skills and ability could be enhanced by mathematical modeling, the educational strategy in Pui Ching, activities orgnaised or available for students and mathematical modeling contest (IMMC), etc.

Later, the awarded team of Pui Ching presented their awarded paper from last year, the problem D in IMMC 2019 Greater China Round, "Positioning and Treatment of Air Pollution Sources".

Students also introduced the mathematical method and tools they used, such as Lagrange Multiplier, paper editor (Latex) and programming language (C++). They shared their contest journey such as difficulties encountered during the contest, information researching, searching for suitable mathematical methods and coding, etc. Four students individually shared their learning journey of mathematical modeling such as coding, paper writing, advanced mathematics class, and foreign exchange experience, etc.

In the afternoon session, Mr Lee introduced the internal contest in Pui Ching and use its problem set as practice exercise. During group work, Mr Lee discussed with students and teachers in each group to learn more about their ideas and progress. After the discussion, each group presented their work and thoughts of the given problem. This is a practical exercise for teachers and students to experience the whole process of modeling from receiving problem, understanding, analysis, building mathematical model(s) to presentation.

Also, Pui Ching was undergoing the internal modeling contest on the workshop day. We appreciate the sharing from the students who demonstrated their contest work and thoughts with us and let us experience the ongoing contest.

Finally, Mr Lee gave some awarded papers in past IMMC Contest for students' and teachers' references and mentioned some possible development of mathematical modeling education.