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IMMC-QEF Teachers & Students Workshop

Teaching Mathematical Modeling by using past IMMC problems and Solutions

(Greater China Round & International Round)

Date: 29 Sep (Greater China),  6 Oct (International) 2018          Venue: The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Yong-Hong KUO 郭永鴻博士
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
Research Interests: 
  • Optimization

  • System simulation

  • Healthcare management

  • Logistics and transportation planning

  • Data-intensive modeling and optimization techniques

On the 29 Sep and 6 Oct, Dr Yong-Hong KUO from HKU delivered 2 great workshops to teachers about teaching of mathematical modeling.

Dr Kuo used some past IMMC problems from Greater China Round (29 Sep) and International Round (6 Oct) to illustrate the steps of assumption(s) making, model selection/designing, model improvement and paper writing.

He also mentioned the key points that contestants should pay attention to during the contest, for example Model Evaluation\Sensitivity Analysis is missed by most of the contestants.

We are grateful to see that Dr Kuo and participating teachers were sharing their experience and opinion on mathematics education, the enthusiasm in building and bringing the best education to students is valuable and encouraging us to move forward! 

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