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IMMC-QEF Teachers Workshop

Guidelines for Instruction & Assessment

Date: 10 Oct 2020       Using ZOOM

Dr. Xiaoli LU 
Associate Researcher, School of Mathematical Science, East China Normal University
Personal Website:
Research Interests: 

On 10th Oct, we invited Dr. Lu Xiaoli from East China Normal University to talk about the teaching and related research of mathematical modeling in recent years, and the evolution in the teaching of mathematical modeling.

Dr. Lu first introduced the practice and research status of mathematics and mathematical modeling education in China and other countries and regions then introduce the guidance methods of mathematical modeling. For example, teachers can encourage students to extend the problem and apply mathematical methods to the problem. Students can understand mathematical concepts and feel the usefulness of mathematics at the same time.

Later, Dr. Lu also shared examples of teaching design, which involved the connection of mathematical knowledge, the difficulties encountered by students in learning and the teaching process, etc., so that the teachers who participated in the workshop could have a teaching reference. Finally, she introduced the assessment of mathematical modeling works.

We would like to thank Dr. Lu for preparing a detailed and rich workshop. We also thank the teachers who participated in the workshop. We believe that you can learn more about the teaching of mathematical modeling and its impact on mathematical education from the workshop. See you again in the workshop on this Saturday!

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